How to Turn Android Smartphone into a Torch

Was looking for something in the dark? Need a flashlight to find it? Just use your android smartphone. Do you know if the flashlight which embedded in your phone's camera can be used as a torch? Simply install a free app in Google Play Store, you can easily turn android smartphone into a flashlight.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight is an application that can do that. This application made by Surpax Technology Inc. The application is compatible with all phones that have LED flash light at the camera. But there is one smartphone that can not be, it is Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. Maybe because it uses different camera and flash light, Super-Bright LED Flashlight can not turn on the flashlight, just turn on the camera.

However, from as far as I try, beside Samsung Galaxy K Zoom smartphone, can use it. Moreover, interestingly, this application has the look that makes you use a flashlight as a real one. You just slide the menu available up to turn on the flashlight. More interesting again, Super-Bright LED Flashlight has a strobe or blinking mode. Of course this is very useful when you need a blinking light to attract attention. The blinking frequency can also be set from slow to fast.

This application is also available for Android 5.0 Lollipops. Good luck!

Evercoss Winner Y, The Cheapest Octa Core Android Smartphone!

Evercoss is a local mobile phone manufacturers who market their products in Asian region. The people interest for an android smartphone with high specifications is increasing make Evercoss launched their latest android smartphone that using Octa Core processor with a very low price. Yes, Evercoss Winner Y is an android smartphone manufactured by Evercoss that use Octa Core Processor 1.7 GHz. Evercoss entrusted to MediaTek processor.

Unlike other top brands that sell at high prices, Evercoss Winner Y (A76) only sells at around USD 200. Even when the first sales, android smartphone is only sells at USD 130. The plans, Evercoss Winner Y will be marketed at the end of this month (January 2015). Just like other local mobile phone, smartphone uses dual sim mode. So you can use two SIM cards at once.

Different with other cheap smartphone, Evercoss Winner Y using body material which is quite good, so it does not look like a cheap smartphone. To capture the moment, this smartphone is equipped with 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. With 5MP front camera, ideal for those of you who like selfie. For the screen, Evercoss Winner Y already using IPS (In Plane Switching) screen technology with 5” screen size.

To save your data, Evercoss have prepared large internal memory of 8GB. If still felt less, their has provided a microSD memory slot. All of its looks almost perfect, but if we look into the RAM memory, Evercoss only use 1GB of RAM. It is less optimal for running Kitkat used by Evercoss Winner Y. For that, you have to save the smartphone application usage that not become slow.

For connectivity, Evercoss Winner Y already provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. But for the internet connection, this android smartphone is only equipped with 33 HSDPA network, 4G LTE network still not available. And it is use 2350 mAh battery. Additionally, Evercoss Winner Y has some advanced features, such as Gesture Smart Access, Hotknot and Opera Max Bandwidth.

Hotknot is a technology where you can transfer files simply by touching the body only. While Opera Max Bandwidth is a browser application that can be set to save Internet bandwidth by reducing the image quality from a web page.

Aqualert, Smart Application for Dehydration Prevention!

Do you often feel difficult when concentrating? Maybe you're in dehydration condition caused by less mineral water consumption. Indeed, the very high activity makes the people often forget to get enough water for their body. Whereas water is a substance that is essential for human body. Water has 70% portion in the human body and become very important after oxygen.

Beside dehydration, a people who less drinking mineral water will lead to many diseases such as digestive problems, high blood pressure, kidney disorders and others. Therefore, all the doctors in the world agreed that people should drink at least 8 glasses per day or 2 liters per day. This amount is relative, if you do a lot of activity, you need more water.

With the capabilities of smartphone today, there is an application that can remind you to drink as recommended. The smart application is Aqualert. With Aqualert, we can specify a time interval to be reminded when we drink immediately. Of course it is very useful application for those of you who have a high level of activity and forget to drink.

Aqualert is available for Android and iOS, and can be downloaded for free in Google Play Store or App Store. Follow the instructions below:
1. Download and install Aqualert from Google Play Store or App Store.
2. Run the application.
3. Fill some of your data in accordance with your actual conditions such as weight and activity (sedentary, regular, and active).
4. Aqualert will calculate how much water you should drink according to your body condition and activity.
5. After that, you will go to the main page that contains your Daily Goal.
6. Fill your Daily Goal with water, just touch Drink menu. So when you drink, please touch Drink menu to fill your Daily Goal until completed.

Aqualert is also provide the glass size as you drink. Such as cups, coffee cups, bottles and a water teapot. Water capacity based on the container you choosed, it is from 250 ml to 1 liter. To monitor your water consumption within a few days, Aqualert already provides Bar Water Consumption. This graph display for a week. Aqualert is also can identify your dehydration level with 3 levels (low, average and very good).

With this smart application, you can be prevented from dehydration, good metabolic, and easy while concentrating. Say no to dehydration!

What processor will be used by Samsung Galaxy S6?

Samsung Galaxy S6 will be released in this March at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung Galaxy S6 is the most anticipated Android smartphone this year. Like my previous article, Samsung Galaxy S6 will continue to use Exynos processor as Galaxy S Series earlier. This is due to the issue of the processor to be used by Samsung that Snapdragon 810 are often overheated.

However, according to LG, the issue is not true. Because Snapdragon 810 never overheated on their smartphones that use this processor, LG G Flex 2. According to them, this processor can perform its functions properly. Besides LG, mobile phone manufacturer from China, Xiaomi also use Snapdragon 810 in their Xiaomi Ni Note Pro and not overheated like what is rumored.

But it seems Qualcomm did not want to quiet only to respond the issues. Qualcomm promised to update their Snapdragon 810 especially for Samsung Galaxy S6. This action is to do so that Samsung still want to choose them instead of Exynos processor. However, when both companies are asked about what processor will be used on Samsung Galaxy S6, they do not want to comment.

So we just to wait Samsung Galaxy S6 launched. The processor selected by Samsung is certainly the most best processor in both. If there is a poll to choose Snapdragon 810 or Exynos, which one would you choose?

How to Distinguish Fake Android Smartphone and Original Android Smartphone

At present, there are many fake android smartphone revolved. The fake android smartphone physically and packaging has made same as the original. Normally, this fake android smartphone sale cheaper than the original. For example, the most frequently be falsified is a smartphone made by Samsung. The fake Samsung Galaxy S5 is only sale  half price of the original price. Although the same as physically, a fake smartphone can we know with some of the following ways:

1. Use the code *#0*#. This code will displays the feature to check the condition of your android smartphone. Such as vibration, sound, colors, and more. If the code is running, your android smartphone is original, otherwise it is fake. *#0*# is a code that is used by Samsung, for SONY you can use *#*#7378423#*#*. But there are some fake android smartphone still displays the features in this checking code, to be sure, please try the tips number 2.

2. Use the code *#06# for checking the IMEI number. IMEI number is a unique identification number which equiped on every android smartphone. So all original android smartphone certainly has the IMEI number. But do not be fooled, many fake smartphone also include the IMEI number in *#06#. To check the authenticity, you can match it with the existing IMEI number behind your smartphone. If still in doubt, you can check in

3. Using benchmark application. Benchmark application can display the actual features that exist in android smartphone. You can try Antutu Benchmark which can be downloaded for free in Google Play Store. Please match the results from Antutu Benchmark with features released by the original manufacturer. If the same, it is an original android smartphone. If not, it is fake.

4. Pay attention to the camera result. Android smartphone cameras that use large resolution certainly produce image files with large size as well. For example for a camera with 13 Megapixel can produce image files with a size of 3-4 MB. If it display 13MP camera specifications, but the image file size is under 1MB, it is certainly a fake android smartphone. Because the camera resolution is not real.

Good Luck!

United States is The Biggest iPhone 6 Sales Country

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus absolutely has high attraction for smartphone users in the world. How come? Since iPhone with a big screen launched, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, this smartphone sales increasing drastically. The United States is the biggest selling point for this iPhone big screen. A case cited by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, iPhone market share at 50%. This means that almost half of smartphone users in United States using Apple iPhone.

Not only in United States, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus apparently trying to hit Asia market. One of the countries that became the target is South Korea. Although South Korea is a country that produces Samsung, it seems Apple has managed to disrupt the Samsung triumph in South Korea. It is evident from the increase in Apple's iPhone sales in this country to 33%. In addition, Apple also managed to shift LG to third position. This also confirmed by the decrease of Samsung sales from 60% to 40%.

For the sales percentage in United States is Samsung 26%, LG 11%, Motorola 4% and HTC 2%. The presence of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is a frightening specter for other major mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung. And according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, iPhone users in US are loyal users who are always upgrading their old iPhone to the new iPhone, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

In addition, KGI Research also said that Apple sales products is very large. From their data, in the fourth quarter in 2014, the sales of iPhone 6 has sold 42 million units. And 16 million units for iPhone 6 Plus. And they believe that iPhone sales will continue to increase in the first quarter 2015 to 69 million units. This is supported by the news that says Apple will soon launch their latest products, Apple Watch and MacBook Pro 12 Inch. This does not rule out the possibility Apple could become the most successful mobile phone manufacturers in 2015.

How to Turn Android Smartphone into a CCTV or Wireless Camera

The crimes within the housing as target is increasing. Under these conditions, CCTV is a device that must be at home to monitor the situation around. You do not need to buy an expensive CCTV. It is enough with your android smartphone, you can have a CCTV. Yes, in this article I will share a tutorial how to turn android smartphone into a CCTV.

In addition to being a CCTV, actually this way can also turn android smartphone into a Wireless Camera. Wireless Camera is very useful to monitor part of your home. Suppose, you want to monitor your baby in bed room, while you're watching television in the living room with your wife. With Wireless Camera, you do not need to go back and forth to the bed room to see your baby condition.

To make your android smartphone into a CCTV or Wireless Camera, you only need IP webcam application. This application can be downloaded for free in Google Play Store. Follow the steps below:
1. The first requirement is you must have a wifi network at your home. No need to have an internet connection, enough wifi network interconnected between android smartphone and PC computer.
2. Download and install IP webcam from Google Play Store.
3. Before running this application, make sure your android smartphone and PC computer already are connected via Wi-Fi network.
4. Touch Start server to begin turning on your camera. It will show the IP address and port information of your smartphone.
5. Open your browser and enter the IP address and port that appears on the screen. For example:
6. It would appear some video and audio quality settings. To start streaming video, select one of the video and audio renderer that is supported by your computer. Eg: Javascript.
7. Done. What is displayed on your smartphone camera will displayed also on your PC computer monitor.

In addition to using a browser, you can also stream the camera using VLC Player which you can download on the internet. You can also record video and audio captured by your smartphone camera like a CCTV. Video can be recorded into WebM or MPEG4 format. As for sound, you can record into Wav, Opus and AAC format. You can also communicate two directions if using tinyCam Monitor on another android device.

Android Lollipop is Available for Motorola Moto G

After delayed for  some time ago, finally Lenovo has provided an update of Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for Motorola Moto G first generation. This delay is caused by bugs that exist on Motorola Moto G. According to Lenovo, with Android Lollipop, Motorola Moto G has higher performance than before. Motorola Moto G can run newer android runtime.

To that end, this smartphone requires a large enough memory to run the newer android runtime. In addition to improved performance, Motorola Moto G has a new Material Design UI user interface and new notification control on the lock screen as Android Lollipop. Android Lollipop is available to download via OTA (Over The Air) for free. The large size of the updates at around 350MB, it is recommended for you to use a Wi-Fi Internet connection for stable connection and does not fail in the middle.

Download time depends on your internet connection, and it takes about 15 minute for the installation process. Make sure you have a fully charged battery or 50% charged to proceed the installation. Because if you smartphone off during the installation process, can cause your operating system becomes corrupted.

All Motorola Moto G users can update to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. But wait, this is only for Motorola Moto G are still using the Stock Recovery. If you are using a Custom Recovery, you will be required to restore Motorola Moto G as before using the Stock Recovery. Good Luck!

Samsung Galaxy S6 is Ready to Become the Best Android Smartphone in 2015!

There is no ending for Samsung to produce their latest smartphone. After the success of Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung will release their latest smartphone soon, Samsung Galaxy S6. This smartphone is the highest series of their Samsung S Series products. According to Samsung, Galaxy S6 will be the best android smartphone in 2015. How this Samsung Galaxy S6 specification?

The first we see the processor, Samsung Galaxy S6 uses a 64-bit processor 8-core 14nm. This processor has a high ability to do multitasking very well. Reportedly, Samsung will continue to use Exynos processor like Samsung Galaxy S Series before. Besides, Samsung Galaxy S6 will be equipped with 4GB RAM memory. With the processor and RAM size, making Samsung Galaxy S6 be the fastest smartphone for now. Samsung claims Samsung Galaxy S6 50% faster than Samsung Galaxy S5.

For internal memory, there are 3 options on Samsung Galaxy S6 internal memory, it is 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. It looks like 16GB has not provided by Samsung. Go to the screen quality, Samsung Galaxy S6 using Quad HD Super AMOLED 557 ppi screen with screen size of 5.1 ". With the size and type of screen, you still can see clearly even under direct sunlight. To protect this screen, Samsung uses Gorilla Glass 4 that claimed can not be scratched with a sharp object though.

Physically, Samsung Galaxy S6 made with high quality materials using metal and glass material. For you who like to take pictures, Samsung Galaxy S6 equipped with high resolution camera. For the primary camera (rear) is 20 Megapixels, and the secondary camera (front) is 5MP. S6’s rear camera using OIS and front camera supports HDR Real Time. It is very useful for those of you who like to take selfie.

To support this smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S6 uses 2550 mAh battery with Fast Charging feature. You only need charging for 10 minutes to make Samsung Galaxy S6 alive for 4 hours ahead. In addition, this smartphone also has Wireless Charging feature. For internet connectivity, this smartphone is equipped with Cat 6 LTE technology which has high speed internet access.

Well, for you who can not wait to have this Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone from S series, it is rumored that Samsung will release Samsung Galaxy S6 in March 2015 at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.

How to Move Android Applications to MicroSD Card with Link2SD

Many applications that are installed in internal memory makes your android smartphone performance becomes slow. This caused by the internal memory is installed with many applications. For that, you can move them into external memory (MicroSD Card). There are some applications that can be moved with the configuration in the android settings menu. But what about applications that can not be moved?

Do not worry, you can move the applications that installed on your Android smartphone's internal memory with Link2SD applications. Link2SD can also force an application to move to MicroSD card external memory, this feature is called “force move”. But this feature can only be done for Android version 2.2 and above users. To move applications to MicroSD card, you do not need to create a new partition on your MicroSD card.

All you have to remember is, if you move apps to MicroSD memory, you must use a good MicroSD memory. Good MicroSD for now is equipped with specification MicroSD Class 10 UHS-1. This MicroSD type has good speed in read and write. Thus applications that require data synchronization processes in memory fast as BBM, Whatsapp, Telegram, and others, can work well.

Here's how to move applications in yout internal memory to external memory (MicroSD) in android smartphone:
1. Download the Link2SD app in Google Play Store. This application is free, but if you want to use the plus version, you are required to pay around 2 USD.
2. Install Link2SD application as usual.
3. Run Link2SD, the list of applications installed on your Android smartphone will appear.
4. Then select the application you want to move to SD card, in the App info, click Move to SD Card.
5. Finish, the application has been moved to your SD Card.

In applications Link2SD Plus, there is an automatic feature to clear the cache application. With this feature, you do not need to clear the cache applications manually. With the feature of the application cache cleared automatically, making your android smartphone's internal memory becoming free and of course the android smartphone performance is good.

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