Be Prepared! BBM Will be Available on Apple and Android Smartphone Soon!

Blackberry Messenger or BBM is the only one chat application that is only present on the Blackberry-OS smartphone. Until now, the Blackberry smartphone can survive in Asian countries market because of this BBM application. Because indeed, this BBM application can not be used on other smartphone that using operating system besides Blackberry OS. However, in the Blackberry Live 2013 event, Blackberry firmly will bring Blackberry Messenger or BBM services on Apple (iOS) and Android smartphone soon. This is a shocking news, because BBM is their only one weapon that can make Blackberry smartphone can survived.

In the event that took place in Orlando, United States, Thorstein Heins as Blackberry CEO saying it is true that Blackberry Messenger service will be available on the smartphone with other platforms such as iOS and Android this summer. Thus, for Apple and Android smartphone users will soon feel the chat sensation with Blackberry Messenger or BBM service.

Heins added, but not all iOS and Android version can enjoy this BBM app. For iOs is only available for iOS version 6 and above, while for Android is Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) version and above. So for those of you who use Apple or Android smartphone which still using OS under it, you must upgrade it first.

The Blackberry decision to release their BBM app in order that can be enjoyed by iOS and Android because they have trust with their latest product, Blackberry Z10. They believe, Blackberry Z10 has more value than its competitors smartphone. However, it looks like that Apple and Samsung products have dominated the smartphone sales in the world. Especially if it supported by Blackberry Messenger or BBM application, it seems they will be stronger, and can the Blackberry smartphone survived? Wait until this summer., Hotmail Email Service Replacement

Hotmail is Microsoft's email service which quite popular today. However, the Hotmail presence can not compete with other similar email services such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail. It is forcing the largest IT company had decided to close their free email service that already has about 300 active users. To continue provide web-based email services, Microsoft will create a new email service they named is similar email service that gives you a free email account. Program Manager believe that their email service users will love this new email service than Hotmail. Trying to compete with Gmail and Yahoo Mail, give a fresh look and comfortable.

Beside that, gives more secure and comfort when sending and receiving an email. This is because using 2-way authentication process that can ensure your sent email is delivered to the right receiver. This makes has a protection system which is better than previous email service, Hotmail.

To be more coddle the users, Microsoft is integrating two of their flagship products to these Ie Skydrive and Skype. SkyDrive lets you store one or more files to the cloud storage provided by Microsoft. With SkyDrive, you can easily share files or data to your friends. Whereas, for Skype, you can make a call or video call with your friends easily and free using internet services.

For those of you who do not have an or Hotmail account, you can register easily and free. Meanwhile, for those of you who already have a Hotmail account, Microsoft has provided a menu to switch from Hotmail to Currently, Microsoft is focusing on upgrading and moving data from Hotmail to so the users do not worry to lose their data when moving to account.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Get The Highest Score in Benchmark Results

After Samsung Galaxy S4 has launched, many people can not wait to perform some testing of the new Samsung's Galaxy performance. In this article, I will share the benchmark Galaxy S4 result. This result is surprising enough for android smartphone lovers, because from the results, Samsung Galaxy S4 can beat HTC One which has a very high smartphone performance. The test is performed using 3DMark software and GLBenchmark 2.7.

Samsung Galaxy S4 consists of two series that I9505 and i9500. The difference is in the processor used. Galaxy S4 I9505 using Qualcomm Snapdragon S600 Quadcore processor, while Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 using Exynos Octa processor. Both processors have a very high performance, however, at this time of testing, CNET using Galaxy S4 I9505 to get the maximum results.

It will feel incomplete if the Apple (IOS) products are not included in this benchmark test. But the fact is, at this time, 3DMark software is not compatible for Apple products like iPhone, iPad, etc. For now, it only supports smartphones based on Android and Windows Phone.

In this test, Cnet comparing Galaxy S4 and HTC One. But still includes other phones such as Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple iPad 4, Galaxy Nexus 10, and Apple iPhone 5 as a comparison.

3DMark results
The first test is using 3DMark software. From this test, Samsung Galaxy S4 can beat the closest competitor, HTC One. With a score of 11623. While HTC One just got a score of 11526. It is not too much difference, but Samsung Galaxy S4 still be the first.

GLBenchmark 2.7 results
Unlike the 3DMark that not support for iOS-based devices, GLBenchmark 2.7 already supports for the Apple devices. In this test, Cnet uses 1920x1080 pixels of resolution which means it is Full HD. From this test, Apple iPad 4 received the highest score with 17 points. While HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are balanced with 15 points. But if you use a resolution supported by each device, Samsung Galaxy S4 was ranked first with 15 points, while HTC One came in third position after Apple iPhone 5 with 13 points.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is designed for you who need a high-performance smartphone. This smartphone is successfully get the highest score in 3DMark and GLBenchmark 2.7 testing because it uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon S600 Quadcore processor.

Top 5 Largest Internet Users Countries

Internet is a communication service that is very central. With the internet, you can browse all the information in the world. You can communicate with anyone, anytime and anywhere without limited by distance and time. This make the internet usage in the world is increasing. There is a lot of needs can be done by someone by using the Internet, from just searching for an information, downloading multimedia files such as music and videos, and chat with each other.

Even a lot of internet users in the world make the Internet as their media to sell online. This is very effective considering the costs incurred to sell very small. This makes a lot of people say they can not live without the internet. In some countries, the internet users are significantly increased, this is Top 5 Country Largest Internet User

The first largest Internet users country is China. In addition to having the most number of people in the world, which is about 1 billion more, China also has the largest internet users, the number amounted to nearly half of the total population in China which is about 40.1%. From the statistical data, 22.4% of internet users in the world comes from China. However, do not expect the people to know good Google search engine, because the search engines are well known there is Baidu.

United States take the second ranks for the largest internet users in the world. This is true, because all the most popular websites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook is headquartered in the United States. The internet users in this country amounted to 245 million people from 313 million of  the total population.

The third is India. India has been known as a country that has a lot of great people in IT like progammer, developers, and others. The technology developments in this country is very rapidly. The India population is almost equal to the total population of China, 1.2 billion people. However, from the data we got, only 11.4% as active internet users.

Japan is also has one of the biggest internet users. Despite only having a population around 127 million people, the number of active Internet users can reach 80% of the total population was 101 million. This is supported by the internet network infrastructure in Japan is very good. May be can said to be the best in the world.

The last one is the country from South America, Brazil. Brazil is contribute about 3.7% of internet users from around the world. This is evidenced from the 88 million people has become an active internet user from 193 million people in Brazil.

Advan Deskbook, The Only One Desktop Computer Has Built-in TV-Tunner

One more breakthrough made by a local computer company, Advan. In their latest products, Advan Deskbook has been equipped with TV-Tuner inside. With this, you can watch tv directly without need an additional devices. Advan Deskbook is a desktop computer that has many advantages than similar products. This desktop computer can be said to be an All-in-One PC.

One of the Advan Deskbook advantages is the Energy Saving. Different with other desktop computers, Advan Deskbook consumes very low power. Only about 65 watts. With this Energy Saving, you do not have to worry about your electricity bill be high. This is due to Advan Deskbook has been using Nano Power Supply technology.

Beside the low power consumption, Advan Deskbook also has Space Saving & Heavy Duty advantage. Advan Deskbook has a stylish design and also slim, so it does not require a lot of spaces to put it. Additionally, Advan Deskbook has 23" screen size and has the Adjustable Display advantage. With this, you can adjust the screen position according to your convenience in watching tv, playing games, and more.

And here's the main advantage of Advan Deskbook. Advan Deskbook has been equipped with TV-tuner inside. With this you can watch your favorite television broadcasts directly from Advan Deskbook easily. To show the nice graphical display, Advan Deskbook has been using Intel HD Graphics.

To support this desktop computer performance, Advan Deskbook is available from Intel G620 processor until Intel Core i7 processor. You just adjust it to your needs. Whereas for the RAM memory, Advan Deskbook is equipped with 2GB RAM of DDR3. Additionally, Advan Deskbook is equipped with 6 USB 2.0 ports and 1 USB 3.0 port. With the number of USB ports you can easily to move data from and to your Advan Deskbook.

To get this great desktop computer, you need to pay around $600. Reasonably priced when compared to other brands desktop computers.

LG Display will Launch Flexible Display Technology Immediately

The mobile phone technology development is endless. One of the great technology that will be present in the market is flexible display technology. No longer LG Display which is the biggest smart phone company in the world will bring mobile phones with flexible display technology. They are trying to become the first before being taken by Samsung.

This year, LG Display continues to develop intensively to immediately launch the flexible display technology in their products. In addition to developing flexible display technology, LG Display also will develop a transparent display technology. As quoted in Digital Trends, with a high level of the development intensivity of this technology, LG Display believes will successfully market their product with this latest display technologies to market before Samsung.

Actually, Samsung already has a product that uses a flexible display technology. The product they named Samsung Youm. However, because the development stage that has not been completed, Samsung finally delay launch their products. Though Samsung Youm should be released in 2012 end.

After delays launch of Samsung Youm, Samsung has announced back will focus on completing the technology development at the end of the year, but until now, they have not succeed to market the product. According to various sources, Samsung Youm using a very thin screen (0.3 mm) and use 800x480 of resolution (WVGA). With the thinness of the screen, allows this mobile phone display to bend.

Beside LG and Samsung, seems Nokia also does not want to lose. Nokia also has showcased their best products which using the flexible display technology at Nokia World event in 2012. Let's wait, who are the company that successfully launched a mobile phone with a flexible and transparent display technology on the market. However, if viewed from the seriousness, it seems that LG Display will be the first in the world.

How to Turns Your iOS or Android Smartphone into a Scanner

A few days ago, I wrote an article about how to scan a document with a scanner from your android smartphone directly through wireless communication (WiFi). But in that article, you must have a scanner with large size enough. Then the application developers think, why not use the smartphone's camera to scan documents and save it directly on your smartphone. You see, a great camera features is very unfortunate if only used to take pictures or record videos only. It is considered by the image sharpness that produced by iOs or android smartphone’s camera is higher.

To scan a document from iOS or Android smartphone, you need a third-party applications. One of which is Genius Scan. Genius Scan can be downloaded for free for iOS users on App Store, but for android users, you have to spend about $1 to download Genius Scan documents scanner app on Google Play Store. Genius Scan is an application that can turn your smartphone into a scanner. With this, you can scan single or multiple documents at once directly from your smartphone anywhere and anytime.

Genius Scan has some high technology such as Smart Page Detection, Perspective Correction and Image-Post-Processing. Like a document scanners commonly used in computer, Genius Scan can scan documents in color or black and white. Genius Scan can scan multiple documents into single file. Once scanned, you can save the scanned file into a JPEG or PDF file. This is a common file format generated by the scanner.

If you would like to share the results to your friends, you can easily send it via email. If your friend does not have an email account, you can upload it to cloud storage like a drop box, Google Docs and others. You can also distributed it to social networking site, Twitter. That way, your friends can easily access your scanned files. And if you want to access a document that has been scanned, you can share it via WiFi connection to your computer.

MobileGo for Android (Windows), Manage Your Android Smartphone on Your Computer Easily

MobileGo for Android is a all-in-one computer software that can manage your android smartphone. All critical need for your  android smartphone can be done with this software. Indeed, you are able to manage it from your android smartphone directly, but sometimes you need a software that installed on your computer to do everything like backup,install app and more. In this article, I will explain the capabilities that can be done by this MobileGo for Android.

First, for you who like to upgrade or downgrade the android operating system, would have been familiar with this one important activities, data backup. You do not have to worry anymore will lose your important data someday, because MobileGo for Android can perform backups easily with using just one click. The backup file will be stored on your computer storage media and you can restore it anytime. All files can be backed up totally without exception, such as contacts, sms, photos, music, videos, apps and more.

Second, MobileGo for Android can also perform important activities related to your android smartphone contacts. Such as adding a new contact, edit an existing contacts, and more. In addition, you can also backup your android smartphone contacts by doing import and export. You can export all your contacts into Microsoft Excel file format, so you can open it on your computer.

Third, for you who like to download music and video, would often found a video file format that is not supported by android smartphones. It is like AVI, MPG, WMV and others. Amd for the music file formats that are not supported such as AMR, AC3, M3U and others. But with MobileGo for Android, you can convert unsupported formats into files that are supported by android smartphone. MP4 for video file format and MP3 for music file format.

Fourth, if you're having trouble when typing a messages quickly with your android smartphone, you can use MobileGo for Android to help you type messages quickly and easily. Of course, using your computer keyboard. In addition, you can perform sms backup and store it on your computer to .txt format (text file). With this format, you can easily open and read it through your computer.

Fifth, It is not enough if we do not talk about android apps. MobileGo for Android can help you to install and uninstall your android smartphone application. You can also backup an installed application on your smartphone into your computer. This works when you lose the application, you can install it again easily.

Sixth, for you who like to download music and video files from youtube, or like to download the application at Google Play Store, MobileGo for Android is integrated by that several popular websites to allow you to download it easily with single click.

MobileGo for Android is shareware. You have to spend $39.95 for the full version. But if you want to try it first, MobileGo for Android provides a trial version as well. Good luck!.