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Fixmo Web Messenger, Run Blackberry Messenger on Your Computer!

Nowadays, BlackBerry Messenger is a chat application most widely used by people in the world. Even the BlackBerry Messenger phenomenon has defeat the previous chat application successful earlier, Yahoo Messenger. With the capabilities offered by Blackberry Messenger, making BBM as the most popular chat applications in the world.

As a competitor, Yahoo Messenger is already available for computer and mobile version. Does Blackberry Messenger is also available for the computer version? Until now, Research in Motion (RIM) has not provided a software that can connect Blackberry Messenger on a Blackberry phone on your computer. But do not worry, a software was created by one developer, allows you to use your computer for Blackberry Messenger. One of these developers have created software that they named Fixmo Web Messenger.

Fixmo Web Messenger is an application that can be used to connect BBM in Blackberry mobile phone with your computer or desktop. So, you can send and receive messages and access the Blackberry Messenger contacts on your computer. This will make you easier and faster to chat using BBM. It's easy, just download the Fixmo Web Messenger application on your BlackBerry phone, then open the Fixmo Web Messenger on your computer.

To download it, just visit www.fixmo.com/fwm directly from your Blackberry. And it will automatically appear the command to download Fixmo Web Messenger application that suitable for your Blackberry type. And just follow the steps until the application is installed on your Blackberry. Once successfully installed, please open the application and create an account directly from your BlackBerry using your email. Once your account is successfully made, visit http://www.fixmo.com/fwm from your computer, and log in accordance with account information you have previously made.

For optimal results, when using this application, Blackberry and your computer are advised to use same and stable network such as WiFi. Such networks are needed to allow synchronization from RIM server to Fixmo server be faster and stable. Beside BBM, Fixmo Web Messenger can also be used for iphone gadget and Facebook application.


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